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Judge was wrong!

Picture of Judge Robart

The judge that decided to halt President Trumps policy banning admittance to the US from 7 mainly Muslim countries was wrong.

The policy which he ruled illegal was passed by Congress and Congress gave the president “the unreviewable authority to suspend the admission of any class of visitor”. I may be simple-minded but to my way of thinking, if something is voted in by the representatives of the people, in a democracy that means that it becomes the policy.

The only way this should be debated is whether it is constitutional and this would have to be examined by the Supreme Court. If they find that it is unconstitutional then fine, but for a judge to second guess Congress is wrong.

It is all very well for people to be complaining about this policy and I understand why. I bet the people of France wish that their Government had taken strong actions to protect them, perhaps their security situation would be better than it is at the moment. I personally would welcome strong actions to protect Britain if the Government felt that it was necessary. As long as there are safeguards in place to ensure that the Government is not acting as a dictator.

Trump! What is all the fuss!!

The WhiteHouse

Airport Chaos??

Watching the news today, you would have thought that the U.S was about to declare itself a Nazi country or something.

” Donal Trump signs executive order, blah blah blah “

President Donald Trump





The only problem is, when you look at what President Trump actually tweeted, the story takes on a different feel.

Perhaps the media is partly to blame for all the hysteria surrounding this. The protesters should wait for clarification on what the order actually means. I have not heard one news correspondent state, with any clarity, what it really means.

As for the Labour Party in Britain, jumping on a bandwagon was always there forte, can you imagine the embarrassment of having to withdraw an invitation to Britain’s strongest ally at a time when we need the U.S more than ever. Thank God Labour is not in power and if this is anything to go by it will be a long time before they are!!