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Theresa May is dithering, can’t believe she cannot sack Phillip Hammond, she needs to get control of the Government and end the confusion. Telling the public that we are leaving is not enough. We need to know exactly what she wants the end state to be, European Union officials have no difficulty making it clear that they expect us to just accept their rules without having any say in them! We should make it clear that we have no intention of accepting that! The transition should be when we start taking control and setting up new trade deals with other countries. It looks as though there is not going to be a change of leader any time soon, Theresa May should, at the very least bring a strong Brexiteer in to get the Government going in the right direction. Jacob Rees Mogg would be a great addition to the Government and I’m sure he would fight hard for Britain!

File photo dated 3/11/2016 of Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Tory MP vying to lead parliament’s powerful Treasury watchdog, has denied claims that his involvement with an investment fund poses a conflict of interest.

Speaker should Resign

John Bercow should either resign or be removed from his position as Speaker of the House of Commons. The speaker should be impartial and should not make remarks that could cause embarrassment to the Government of the day.

John Bercow has made the most unbelievably political remarks for a Speaker and I cannot see how he can carry on. He is commenting on the immigration policy of another country. How can he stay as Speaker?

He should be forced to stand in Parliament and apologize for his remarks. The band-wagon around Donald Trump knows no bounds, even people in positions like John Bercow seem to want some of the action and grab headlines. What a pity The Speaker of the House of Commons couldn’t remain dignified and impartial, he has shamed Britain by being so ridiculous.

Judge was wrong!

Picture of Judge Robart

The judge that decided to halt President Trumps policy banning admittance to the US from 7 mainly Muslim countries was wrong.

The policy which he ruled illegal was passed by Congress and Congress gave the president “the unreviewable authority to suspend the admission of any class of visitor”. I may be simple-minded but to my way of thinking, if something is voted in by the representatives of the people, in a democracy that means that it becomes the policy.

The only way this should be debated is whether it is constitutional and this would have to be examined by the Supreme Court. If they find that it is unconstitutional then fine, but for a judge to second guess Congress is wrong.

It is all very well for people to be complaining about this policy and I understand why. I bet the people of France wish that their Government had taken strong actions to protect them, perhaps their security situation would be better than it is at the moment. I personally would welcome strong actions to protect Britain if the Government felt that it was necessary. As long as there are safeguards in place to ensure that the Government is not acting as a dictator.

Moan, Moan, Moan!!

Picture of Nigel Farage

Just been watching Newswatch on BBC One and the people that write in to complain about Nigel Farage being given airtime this week should stop moaning. Nigel Farage was, at one time, a loan voice urging Britain to leave the EU and everyone said he was mad. In the week that Parliament passes the bill to trigger article 50, I cannot think of a more appropriate person to interview.

This week he was also a news item himself following his brilliant attack on the EU parliament as you can see here. On matters relating to Europe he is not given disproportionate coverage, in 2014 UKIP, the party that he lead, won the European parliamentary elections in the UK with 4,376,635 votes. Perhaps this is a case of those on the other side of the referendum still having the taste of sour grapes in their mouths.

Trouble with Technology



I have been chatting to support staff for hours over the last few days, I do not envy them because I’m sure they try their best but honestly! The amount of times you have to say the same story over and over and over again. I feel as though I am going mad or is it the rest of the world that has gone mad, my good god, no wonder the world is in such a state. They then have the cheek to ask for a review of their performance once the chat has ended!! Really, oh well rant over!