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Anna Soubry is Mental

Anna Soubry is absolutely nuts! Watch the video below and tell me you don’t agree. Anna is one of those people that cannot get it into her head that Britain is leaving the EU; she can’t understand that the decision was made on political grounds, not economic grounds.

Europe plans for their future is to have a European Army, all members will have to join the single currency, a European foreign minister with one foreign policy that all members will have to follow. The only way that Europe can have any of these things is by getting rid of member state veto powers, otherwise, they will never come to any decisions. Britain could never accept any of this; leaving is our only option, the arguments have gone on long enough. Why doesn’t Anna Soubry or any of the other anti-Brexit MP’s accept what people have voted for?

This whole mess needs to be brought to a stop! You see Lord Adonis, Michael Heseltine, Phillip Hammond, Amber Rudd, etc.. etc… etc all acting as though the referendum never took place. How dare they, they are elected by their constituents (except Heseltine and Adonis) to look after their constituents interests and everyone said that they would be bound by the referendum results; why can’t they understand this? They should be deselected by their local parties and in the case of Heseltine and Adonis, they are just irrelevant, the Lords have to accept what the commons want!

Speaker should Resign

John Bercow should either resign or be removed from his position as Speaker of the House of Commons. The speaker should be impartial and should not make remarks that could cause embarrassment to the Government of the day.

John Bercow has made the most unbelievably political remarks for a Speaker and I cannot see how he can carry on. He is commenting on the immigration policy of another country. How can he stay as Speaker?

He should be forced to stand in Parliament and apologize for his remarks. The band-wagon around Donald Trump knows no bounds, even people in positions like John Bercow seem to want some of the action and grab headlines. What a pity The Speaker of the House of Commons couldn’t remain dignified and impartial, he has shamed Britain by being so ridiculous.