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Anna Soubry is Mental

Anna Soubry is absolutely nuts! Watch the video below and tell me you don’t agree. Anna is one of those people that cannot get it into her head that Britain is leaving the EU; she can’t understand that the decision was made on political grounds, not economic grounds.

Europe plans for their future is to have a European Army, all members will have to join the single currency, a European foreign minister with one foreign policy that all members will have to follow. The only way that Europe can have any of these things is by getting rid of member state veto powers, otherwise, they will never come to any decisions. Britain could never accept any of this; leaving is our only option, the arguments have gone on long enough. Why doesn’t Anna Soubry or any of the other anti-Brexit MP’s accept what people have voted for?

This whole mess needs to be brought to a stop! You see Lord Adonis, Michael Heseltine, Phillip Hammond, Amber Rudd, etc.. etc… etc all acting as though the referendum never took place. How dare they, they are elected by their constituents (except Heseltine and Adonis) to look after their constituents interests and everyone said that they would be bound by the referendum results; why can’t they understand this? They should be deselected by their local parties and in the case of Heseltine and Adonis, they are just irrelevant, the Lords have to accept what the commons want!


Theresa May is dithering, can’t believe she cannot sack Phillip Hammond, she needs to get control of the Government and end the confusion. Telling the public that we are leaving is not enough. We need to know exactly what she wants the end state to be, European Union officials have no difficulty making it clear that they expect us to just accept their rules without having any say in them! We should make it clear that we have no intention of accepting that! The transition should be when we start taking control and setting up new trade deals with other countries. It looks as though there is not going to be a change of leader any time soon, Theresa May should, at the very least bring a strong Brexiteer in to get the Government going in the right direction. Jacob Rees Mogg would be a great addition to the Government and I’m sure he would fight hard for Britain!

File photo dated 3/11/2016 of Conservative MP Jacob Rees-Mogg, the Tory MP vying to lead parliament’s powerful Treasury watchdog, has denied claims that his involvement with an investment fund poses a conflict of interest.

Jacob For PM

He is by far the best person to lead the country through Brexit, Theresa May is to weak. We need someone like Jacob Rees-Mogg; he is the only person that can get the job done! Sick to death of all the cabinet messing around on this. Hammond should be sacked, Rudd should be sacked, we need a cabinet full of Brexiteers so that we can get on with it, poor old Davis is having to try and stay within what the cabinet will allow, I’m sure he would rather be in a cabinet of Brexiteers to make his job a lot easier. Theresa May has messed up big time, she needs to resign and advice the Queen to call for JRM to form a government that can get us out of the EU with or without a deal, on better terms than we are currently heading towards.


Hammond is an idiot, needs to go as soon as possible!


Moan, Moan, Moan!!

Picture of Nigel Farage

Just been watching Newswatch on BBC One and the people that write in to complain about Nigel Farage being given airtime this week should stop moaning. Nigel Farage was, at one time, a loan voice urging Britain to leave the EU and everyone said he was mad. In the week that Parliament passes the bill to trigger article 50, I cannot think of a more appropriate person to interview.

This week he was also a news item himself following his brilliant attack on the EU parliament as you can see here. On matters relating to Europe he is not given disproportionate coverage, in 2014 UKIP, the party that he lead, won the European parliamentary elections in the UK with 4,376,635 votes. Perhaps this is a case of those on the other side of the referendum still having the taste of sour grapes in their mouths.

Well said Nige

You have to see this video, it just shows how uncomfortable the truth can be sometimes. I have never voted UKIP and don’t believe I ever would but sometimes a politician comes along who just says it as it is, or as you think it; but would never actually say. What a shame he did not stay in the Conservative Party, it’s a real shame, the more politicians speak the truth the better.

The European Parliament should be ashamed of itself, it is totally undemocratic and heading toward massive failure. People will only be ruled in this way for so long and then it will all come crashing down.

Were on our Way!!!

Thank goodness for that, we are now on the long road to being free from the European Union. Parliament voted by a large majority 498-114 in favour of authorising the government to trigger article 50, the process for leaving the EU.

I believe that Theresa May is tough enough to either get a good deal or stick to her word and walk away without a deal if necessary. It would be very damaging to Europe if she was placed in that position, Britain would be forced to attract business by offering lower tax rates for inward investment than the EU can offer, they would lose business.

Hopefully a good deal for both sides will be reached but if not we are still better off controlling our own borders, making our own laws and kicking out our own Government every five years if we decide to in a General Election. I would much rather live under those conditions than have a European commissioner that I do not know, making rules that I have to live under with no direct way of holding him/her to account. Those that say we do have those rights, referring to European Parliament elections, know full well that no one pays any attention to those elections. In the minds of British people it has and will always be about our Parliament and the MP’s we send there.

Jeremy Corbin- Idiot

I don’t really have to say much it speaks for itself really, the man is almost as bad as Michael Foot was!